South Jersey Bass Club Association

Open Buddy Tournament Results

Date:            April 3, 2005

Location:      Union Lake (ten bass limit)

Host Club:    Atlantic County Bass Anglers

Place Boater Partner No. of Fish Total Weight
1. Albert Martha
Jeff Caldarulo
30 lbs 4 oz**
2. Ed Adams
Jack Callaghan 
12 lbs 10 oz 
3. Chris Oeser
Dan Martin
11 lbs 15 oz 

Lunker Winner:
Boater Partner Weight
Jim Jack
Carl Elwell 
5 lbs 10 oz

Comments:  A total of 20 teams entered.

** Scale stopped working just prior to this team weighing in (last team to weigh in).  After scale was worked on, this is the weight that was read.  (This is not a statement of whether the weight was accurate or not, just a reporting of the situation.)